Fleur Heazlewood is a leadership expert in healthy, high performance

With over 20 years’ corporate leadership experience, and as a past CEO Fleur is an expert in creating sustainable healthy high performance for leaders and their teams. Having personally led three large corporate turnaround and business transformations, I understand the challenges of leading people through change, building high performance resilient teams, and developing leadership accountability for workplace mental health and wellbeing. I also understand first-hand the cost of disruptive work, unsupported stress, toxic work teams and personal burn-out.

Fleur is known for building positive performing cultures that deliver both employee wellbeing and commercial results.

She partners with CEOs, HR, and leaders to create healthy, resilient, and productive workplaces. Clients value her accessibility, practicality and skilled use of lessons that work in real life.

Fleur consistently rates 90% + for engagement and effectiveness of learning.

I work with many of Australia’s high-profile organisations across industries with examples including Woolworths, 3M, ITW construction, UBS, GenesisCare, Axicom and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. During the pandemic I delivered 500+ virtual keynotes and workshops on resilience, mental health, burnout, wellbeing, leadership, and performance to 5000+ people across the world.

Fleur’s experience is backed by an evidence-base drawn from extensive qualifications.

This includes a Master of Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, a Company Directors Certificate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Mental Health First Aid Instructor Certificate.

Fleur also lectures in Organisational Culture and Wellbeing at the University of Melbourne and is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher.

Fleur Heazlewood

Fleur works with many high-profile organisations.

“Fleur is a passionate crusader who improves the wellbeing of everyone she encounters. With Fleur as your mentor, you’ll go from surviving to thriving, as she shares her years of wisdom and experience in working with leaders and teams to prioritise wellbeing to achieve amazing results for businesses and individuals. Her practical and easy to follow guidance is life changing.”

 Colleen O’Connor, Head of HR, Goodman Fielder

Speaker. Mentor. Author.

From Fleur’s work with healthy, high performance across organisations and individuals, there is one thing that she knows that sustains it and that is the ability to manage and master space.

The space between you and others
The space between you and your goals
The environment and the space you are in.


People want ideas, empathy, and encouragement to make positive change.

People are struggling with how to deliver high quality work, connect and develop meaningful relationships with their colleagues, be fully present and engaged at home, and invest enough in their wellbeing and energy to balance it all.

People are missing connection to work, to their work, to each other and want a better work
experience than they have had over the last few years of covid. They also want quality opportunities for connection and belonging at work but want to know that time spent out of the office or home will be worth it.

Audiences these days are time-poor, jaded by inspirational quotes, and motivation speaker stories that sound great at the time, but don’t contribute or change anything. They want personal insights, quality interaction with others, and relevant learning that they can action in their lives to make positive change.

Fleur’s highly relatable virtual and in-person keynotes are a blend of education, entertainment, and practical tips that leave people feeling inspired, energised, and ready to act. She works with you to share the key culture and performance messages that you need understood across your organisation to drive positive change.


Popular keynote topics:

People that are well, do well.

But we are doing a lot of doing, and not enough well. And this equation is wrong and leads to burnout.

Most of us still operate with the industrial age belief that if we work hard and achieve our targets, we then deserve wellbeing and happiness. But over 10-years of positive psychology and performance psychology research now shows that if we prioritise our health, wellbeing, and happiness first – our productivity, problem solving, innovation and creativity increases by up to 30%.

Discover how developing your resilience skills means you can boost both your wellbeing and performance. You will leave this presentation with a couple of small daily actions that can exponentially increase both your performance and quality of life.


Fleur Heazlewood

 Beating Burnout is about Boundaries not Balance.

In our race for more, we are reducing ourselves to less. And, for many of us, our health and wellbeing is the ‘less’, and the ‘more’ is an endless cycle of busyness, pursuit, and stress.

The way we live today is very different to the way generations before us who had clearly defined roles, work, and a 9-5 working week. The world have work has evolved dramatically but we are stretching ourselves thinly rather than redefining balance, boundaries, and success.
Learn why we say yes when we should say no, and why we say no when we should say yes.

And discover how the secret to achieving healthy, high performance is knowing how to manage your boundaries and master your space.

“Resilience is the critical ingredient to living a balanced and rewarding life. Fleur is the right person to bring this message to the world as she has powerful lived experience to share. She provides a good measure of case studies and theories with practical tips for building resilience. You come away with a sense of lightness, hope, and new insights into wellbeing that will work for you.”

Simone Allan, Founder, Women’s Resilience Centre, and Mondo Recruitment

Fleur Heazlewood


Fleur works directly with high achievers to sustain healthy, high performance by helping them to better manage and master their space in all its forms.

Working with just 5-individuals one-on-one at any one time, contact hello@blueberryinstitute.com to learn more and register your interest for the next intake.


Fleur works directly with high achievers to sustain healthy, high performance by helping them to better manage and master their space in all its forms.

Working with just 5-individuals one-on-one at any one time, contact hello@blueberryinstitute.com to learn more and register your interest for the next intake.

Fleur Heazlewood

“I have had the pleasure of working with Fleur for over ten years and have found her to be my go-to for advice and mentoring and a great source of energy. Fleur’s passion for helping and challenging people to truly be their version of the best shines brightly.”

Kim Cheney, Head of HR – fintech, wine and fast-moving consumer goods


This engaging, easy to read wellbeing guidebook cuts through the sea of wellness information with a curated selection of resilience and wellbeing strategies that are proven to work. While there is no one-size fits all solution to wellbeing, there is a resilience recipe that will work for you! Most of us know the basics for good physical health but don’t know how to support our psychological wellbeing.

Your step-by-step guide covers where to start, what to do, and what works for boosting your wellbeing with resilience.

Resilience Recipes won the Best Health and Wellbeing book 2022 for the Australian Business Book Awards (ABBAs), and the Silver Medal for Health and Wellness in the Living Now International book awards! It was also awarded a runner up for Best Book (ABBAs) out of 500 books.

Fleur Heazlewood book Resilience Recipes

“After the challenges we have all faced, wellbeing – both physical and mental – should be top of everyone’s
agenda. Fleur’s book is a really great mix of philosophies, simple frameworks, and practical tools to assist anyone leading teams through periods of change and uncertainty. The strength of the message is the practical application and examples shared through her lived experience with many businesses. Fleur continuously rolls her sleeves up to support teams as they work through the challenges they face.
It is this hands-on and delivered support that makes Fleur such a strong thought leader in this area.”

Gavan McKenna, Group President at ITW Construction Products Asia Pacific